Tamara Bellis

Your Partner for Healthy and Nutritious Dog Foods

True Food for Dogs is a commercial kitchen where your dogs can have foods that are fresh from the kitchen. They only use ingredients that are approved by the agencies and certified good for your dogs. They put importance on the health of the dogs, ensuring that they will get the right nutrition in the food that they eat. This will give pet owners a better understanding and more options on the dog foods that have the best quality. The goal of True Food for Dogs is for people to consider that their pet also needs the right food for their health.

This site was created to make dog foods using only the ingredients approved by the agencies like vegetables, fruits, and other foods that are good for human. The food that is being served is restaurant quality so your dog will be treated like human also. The menus include turkey, macaroni, beef and many more. The recipes are mostly found at home, and they are nutritious and good for the health. Before they are introduced in the market the food are being tested in the lab first. They make sure that it contains the right nutritional content. Then after was tested by humans and dogs to give the best result.

True Food for Dogs views human and pets in the same way as far as the foods that they eat are concerned. They believe that how conscious humans are on their food animals deserve this too. This can bring a new perspective into having a balance treatment between the owners and their pets. Most of the problems of dogs is being overweight or having an allergy with the food they eat. This is due to the low manufacturing process of the ingredients contained on the food. It is a must that dogs should get the right amount of food, and this includes foods that are rich in vitamins and proteins. Having the true food for dogs will help people to be educated on the importance of health for dogs. In this way,  they can understand that it is a big deal to keep in track of the food that dogs eat for them to have a longer life span.

The food that they cook is hundred percent fresh and vacuum sealed. This is to maintain the cleanliness of the food upon delivery. Some of this is being preserved by chilling or freezing to keep the nourishment of the food. To avoid having spoiled food during shipment they also frozen this so it will be delivered to you fresh from the kitchen. The true food for dogs can be hand delivered or just by picking it up in the nearest retail kitchen. Another product that they endorse is the treats for a dog like the apple popsicles for the hot weather season.   Dogs will surely want to have this, and it comes in different flavors that pets will enjoy. They also offer supplements that contain a high quality of ingredients. They vary according to what your dog needs. This includes supplement for a healthy coat, omega plus and other supplements that can benefit dogs.

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash